This is 100% all Haitian materials that I had to wait for almost a month for.

It is for Pure Luck and Money
It will bring you money like nothing else will
It will also help with dreams, your past on family members to help you and the Lwa's.

You will feel this and feel it hard....

Your life will do a complete 180° no matter how messed up you think your life and finances will overcome everything negative with this work.

What I Need From You:

I will need 7 pennies
I will need 7 dollar bills signed by you
I will need your date of birth & name

The above mentioned materials will also be incorporated into the work which is all I need from you. 

When I say this is POWERFUL, I am NOT kidding. 

The Lwa's will give you riches and luck like you NEVER thought possible.

Once my ingredients run out, so will your luck because I don't know when I can get those ingredients again.

It was hard to get because they are all 100% Haitian....NOT the fake garbage you find in botanicas that DON'T do Anything!!!!

I am 100% REAL***** 100% Haitian Hougan

***100% Money - Good Luck Lotion*** SELLING FASTER THAN I CAN PREPARE IT