I want to make it clear that I am not those so called healers you see on tv that touch someone with their fingers and they go down or start to shake. NO!!! I have been called at the last minute to save the lives of dying people....and I mean exactly what I am saying. The doctors come out and tell the family, "go in and say goodbye" because they are dying and there's nothing they can do.


I have actually gone in, touch the person and their body is already cold and I mean ice cold......that is an Incredible and Unbelievable feeling. I proceed to heal the person and every section I touch begins to warm up again. It is truly SHOCKING to the family after being told by the doctors that there's nothing they can do and here I walk in and all of the sudden, the person is coming back to life. Everything I do, everything I sell is 100% GUARANTEED!!! Why $12975.02, why not do it for free and help families?? Ok, this is very dangerous for me. Just imagine literally bringing someone back from death as well as heart attack victims . Doctors and funeral homes charge for their services....I also perform a service and actually save families money....How?? Well, if the person should die, you now have a hospital bill and a funeral bill. WHY ENDURE SUCH A FINANCIAL BILL???? I can heal you and leave you brand new. The price includes airfare, transportation to and from the hospital and hotel to anywhere in the US. If I need to travel outside of the US, the price is $15,000. As always, all payments are 100% Guaranteed!!! Please remember....If you can't pay the full price....I will help you...DO NOT LET A FAMILY MEMBER DIE OVER MONEY!