We all have a loved one who has passed away and we just want one more encounter to say I love you, I miss you or whatever. This is the only safe and secure way for you to communicate with them. Your spirit will make contact with your loved one but....this is only a one time thing so make sure the person you want contacted is the one that will bring you maximum satisfaction.


I will need three to nine days to prepare...and once complete you will connect with your passed family member. This work is not dangerous nor will you die from it but it is a powerful communication portal. This Can Not be compared to an ouija board because with the board you don't see anyone.


Again, this is the only safe and secure method for contacting passed family members.


I only have a few that came directly from Haiti and it's very hard to obtain because it's not just a coffin instead materials that come with it and can only be obtained from Haiti. 


If you're looking for the real thing, then this is it.