You Read That Correctly !!!!

If I Don’t Come Through.... You Will Get 250% of the $18,000 back as a refund to your account.

THAT’S an easy $45,000💰💰💰back to your account!

I DO NOT PLAY GAMES ****Don’t Believe Me****

Give me a chance and I will blow your mind.... GUARANTEED 250%


If you even DREAM of tricking me to steal money.... my Lwa’s will end up killing you 500% GUARANTEED 

WHEN I PERFORM THE WORK I WILL DO IT AND MY LWA’S END UP OWNING IT.... you will NOT be held responsible for the death 💀 of the person.

This is the reason you should ONLY work with someone that knows what they’re doing otherwise.... you will pay.

I ALWAYS take care of my customers, ALWAYS!!!!


This is what it is.....a 250% GUARANTEE to eliminate your worse enemy. Once purchased I will do a reading and get permission to go ahead with the work.

If I am NOT given permission, your money will be returned to you 100%.

This work is 250% GUARANTEED TO WORK in 21 days or less or your money is fully refunded!! 

Please DO NOT confuse this work with demonic or evil work....this is an elimination by the Lwa's if approved. 

I DO NOT PERFORM evil or demonic works....for that I have my assistant in Haiti who will do anything and everything evil and means nothing to her. I am quite capable of performing any and all evil and demonic works, I just choose NOT to. Remember, this is NOT evil or demonic work!! Do not confuse what I do with me, there is a REAL difference between the two.

Money back guarantee is only offered for this work because it is that strong. You should know that you will not be responsible for the DEATH of your enemy....what I mean by that is, I will perform the work in the name of the Lwa that will take ownership of this work and only the Lwa will be responsible....that's why I need permission. I will not perform this work on just anyone for any amount of money because then I will be responsible and will pay for the unapproved has to be a TRUE ENEMY, otherwise it doesn't get done!!

I have had great success with the destruction work and was given permission by my Lwa's to post this service.

You would pay for this work and then the reading is done to weed out people that are not serious and just want to waste my time and if not approved it is refunded 100%.

Again, if it's not a TRUE enemy, DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!! I am blunt and to the point. I DO NOT sugar-coat ANYTHING.....EVER!!