In the hands of anyone else, this would be a regular, nice looking pendent....but not in my hands!! This is the Powerful, Erzuli Freda's Lucky Charm.

Let the prepared charm fill you life with gold, silver and money. Erzuli Freda is a Very Powerful Metressa that will fill your life with riches....

She will work hard to give you financial freedom. If money is watch you want, then this pendent is for you.


Erzuli Freda is dangerous if you abuse her or her powers and she will punish you severely. You will treat you like a queen or king but when she says when.

If your looking for some financial help and are spiritually clean then you would not to pass this by.

This is 100% REAL Voodoo....
This is not a joke....
This is just another piece of jewelry, until I prepare it

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Erzuli Freda's Money - Luck Charm