These are the famous and very real, Haitian Powders....and when I say 100% REAL - 100% PURE HAITIAN POWDERS, I mean it.

You will contact me and let me know exactly what the powder will be used for, it's either for good or bad....I don't judge and not my business.

You have heard of Zombie Powder, Death Powder, Make Very Sick Powder, Heal Powder, etc. I have them all and they're all 100% GUARANTEED to work or 100% MONEY REFUNDED.

Depending of which powder you're ordering, you will need to handle with EXTREME CARE.

Obtaining these Haitian Powders is no easy task since it involves hours of traveling to Haiti and days of preparation. One slip of the Death ☠️ Powder and it's lights out for you forever.

These powders are for my serious customers whom already know just how powerful and dangerous my works are.....these100% Real Haitian Powders are no exception.

Powders are prepared by Real Hougans like myself and only obtained by Real Hougans like myself. 

If you don't believe what I've said here to be the truth then you're on the wrong website.

Continue your search untill you find the ones who offer NO GUARANTEES whatsoever!!

I guarantee my work because I'm 100% REAL with 44+ YEARS EXPERIENCE.......PERIOD!!!!

Shop around, ask around, take your time and let the Spirits guide you, the soul is NEVER wrong!