*****Stainless Steel Men's Evil Protection*****

This is a beautiful piece that will not rust or turn your neck green....but more importantly, it is a powerful protection against evil, jealousy, hatred, envy and any other negative energy thrown your way or picked up by others or a location.

You will never appreciate the power of this amulet until you start to feel it's powers working for you. 

This, like all other pieces of jewelry are exactly that, pieces of jewelry until I prepare them. DO NOT let anyone trick or lie to you in saying it is prepared for you if they are not a Real Hougan like myself because without the power of the Hougan, it becomes just an ordinary piece of junk that does absolutely Nothing!!

Again, I DO NOT sugar-coat ANYTHING!!

I am 100% HONEST because I care about Truly helping people.

If you're looking for a 100% REAL Voodoo Protection.....then you've found it.

Men's Evil Eye Protection