If you're looking for a POWERFUL amulet that you can always wear to pull 100% pure luck....then this is for you.

DO NOT ....confuse this bracelet with any cheap, fake, garbage jewelry! 

This is 100% prepared by me and no two are ever the same because no two people are the same.

These are prepared differently every single time but, with the same end results....100% pure luck!!

Pi Yao, also known as Pi Xiu, Pi Xie, it's a Symbol Traditional of Protection, Luck and Richesse in Asia.It is believed to bring fortune, good tidings and protection to his owner.

In present time, the major banks, successful entrepreneurs’ offices and shops all have Pi Xiu’s. It is not only a guardian god, but also can bring in abundant source of monetary revenue and land-office business.More importantly, this creature does not allow wealth to leave the home or workplace.

Obsidian is for the ultimate protection and prevention of negative. It is a strongly protected stone that forms a shield against negative emotions. It can prevent mental attacks and absorb negative energy in the environment. Obsidian brings mental stress and tension.This sanskrit mantra honours Ganesh — Ganesh embodies wisdom, new beginnings, and is the remover of obstacles.

Bead diameter:12mm;Pixiu Size: about 28mm; Material: Hand Carved Mantra Bead and Gold Plated Alloy Pixiu. Bracelet length is adjustable(Elastic Band).Inner circumference: 17-20cm/6.7inches-7.8 inches, Fit for women or men.

Pi Yao Feng Shui Bracelet