If you need constant protection from demons or evil spirits than look no further, this protection is for you.

This is one piece of jewelry you Do Not want to leave home without. I will need a minimum of 3 extra days, aside from the shipping time to bind this protection to your person. 

You will need to wear it around your neck for 21 days, taking it off only to shower or have sexual intercourse and then you will need to shower before touching it.

Evil, demonic or whatever you want to call them, will know I am preparing this for you and will be filled with fear and confusion, thus, you too will be filled with fear and confusion.

You will be feeling what the demonic forces are feeling until I am done working and binding it to you but once I'm done you will be filled with peace and certainty. 

Everything will become clear and you will never again feel any type of fear because once I preform the work, any evil you had will disappear forever.

This double sided protection will ward off curses, hexes, black magic and anything from the left hand path.

You've already seen how evil can destroy a person....now you have the power...literally in your hands.

Powerful Saturn Seal of Protection